Opie’s Day Out


THE PARK THE PARK THE PARK! My favorite place in the world besides my foster family’s lap is the park.

There are so many places to run, leaves to play in and so many sticks to chase. The park also has my most favorite thing lots of kids to play with.


I knew we were going to the park when my foster mom grabbed my leash and my treats and a blanket. That means play time.

A short ride in the car and we were there!  We had to go for a walk down by the river but that’s ok there were lots of leaves for me to roll around in.

140My foster mom took me on some fun things to play with on and I got to meet some new friends.

155I wasn’t going down that thing153


112The kids and I played and they let me give them lots of kisses. 108

I hope when I find my forever family they have some little kids for me to play with and that they like THE PARK as much as I do.

Love Opie

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