Lemon Lucy learning to be a mom



Lucy Lemon is a Lemon Beagle, about a year or two old, who came to us pregnant. 

She is still pregnant (as of July 20th) and due any day pup_kitten_patchwork_quiltnow.

While she waits for her own lovely puppies to be born, she is enjoying some young kittens!  There are three kittens, and they are about four weeks old.  Their mom is taking a break! 

Lucy loves the couch.  Hopefully she won’t have her babies on the couch.  Her foster mom put the kittens on the couch so they could play around a bit as they are in a tall cat cage with their mom.  Plus it’s good for the kittens to be exposed to other species in a safe environment.


Lucy was intrigued with the kittens and very gentle too.

The kittens thought she was a fun toy!  They climbed all over her and when they grew weary of play, they curled up with her for a nap.

It looks like Lucy is trying to figure out where that kitten is going in this photo!

And the kitten is trying to figure out what a leg is.

Here is my favorite photo:leomon4_kittens_july_19_2009




We will post on the blog when the puppies are born.  Our vet says it will be soon and hopefully they will be healthy.

We worried about Lucy as she showed signs of kennel cough but that has subsided and she is doing very well.

Here are more photos!

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