Keets and More Keets!

I never know what I will bring home from my visits to the local animal shelter.  Usually it is a dog or puppy or two, sometimes a cat or a couple kittens.  But sometimes I’m in for a big surprise! 
I like birds.  I really like parakeets. Their colorings are fascinating and they can be such sweet little birds.
 So, when a shelter employee said that someone had dumped some parakeets and would I take them into our program I replied with a resounding sure. 
In my imagination, as dim as it can be at times like this, I saw 2 maybe 3 green or blue parakeets sitting on a perch in a small cage.  


Through the door, around the corner and there in the hallway was not two, nor three parakeets sitting on a perch but a large flock in a big parrot cage:  blue ones and green ones and yellow ones and white ones and varieties of each color. 
Most were so young they sat on the floor, some were clinging to the side of the cage, some were on perches.  I thought a couple may be young adults, and one looked a bit older.  There were so many I could not count them! 
As it turns out there were about 38 in that cage.
But that is not all.
  Through the swinging doors, down the hall and into an employee office was another cage with a mom and her baby that had just hatched!  That one, which we affectionately call Baby Cakes is jut now getting it’s feathers. 
Honestly, I don’t know that I have ever seen that many parakeets in one place, never mind the notion of fostering all of them.  Wow. 

I remember once in Chicago at a park seeing small parrots flying in and out of the trees, a lot of parrots.  And long ago with my husband and my eldest when he was not a year old, we sat on the beach of Bodega Bay watching all the Sea Gulls feeling we had ‘been here before.”    Now I was bringing home my own ‘Bodega Bay”.  If it weren’t for the fact that parakeets are so sweet and enjoyable to look at I’d have to worry.
Once home and sort of settled I tried to tally up what we had.  It was hard to get exact numbers but it would appear that the vast majority were very young.  All but two of them would sit on my finger and not try to bite me.  
Three have gone into their own foster home – two of those were the youngest that were in the cage.  Mom and Baby Cakes are in a different foster situation and then Blueberry and Pancakes share a small cage.   The rest of are in a large flight cage.
We are working on collecting a few more parakeet cages so we can separate out a few more. 
When the parakeets all start talking it can be really, really loud!  They do love being together though.  I moved three into another flight cage with my own three parakeets only to discover in the morning that the two youngest parakeets had squeezed through the bottom by the tray and made their way to the cage where all the keets were.  They were sitting on the top of the cage and darn lucky too as our cat had slipped in before I shut the office door.  Guess being older she sleeps more soundly- thank goodness!
Here are photo of  many of the parakeets so you can see the many colors.
Here is a sampling of the colors:

All the parakeets are available for adoption.  The adoption fee is $15 per bird. 
Because keets are social we recommend two.
And because females and males make more keets — we perfer to adopt out pairs of the same gender as the reason so many keets landed in the shelter was because someone started with a pair.  Don’t want that to happen again!

For Avian Application: Application for Adoption_Avian.

PetsConnect is an all volunteer not for profit organization.
If you would like to help with the birds, here are some needs:
**Bird Seed
**Small bird cages
**Foster Homes for Birds
**Volunteer at adoption event to help find birds home.

  Want to Volunteer? Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

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