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Hi, My name is K.D,

            I was  wondering if anyone out there might be willing to help me by sponsoring me.  Petsconnect is having a event in downtown South Bend, The dog days of summer.  It’s on August 5th.  Along with a lot of other fun things to do, there is going to be a fashion show.  I would really like to walk down the runway.  Let me explain why.

It all started a couple months ago when my previous owner didn’t get me spayed and let me around a boy dog.  Well, needless to say I got pregnant.  I had 8 puppies, Kiwi, Alli, Aires, Cherry, Clover, Conner, Copper, and Cooper.  I guess she couldn’t handle it because she took me and my 8 puppies to the shelter and dropped us there.  I was really confused and sad cause it is a really scary place anyway and when you have kids to take care care of it is even scarier.  I thought maybe she would miss me and come back but she didn’t.  Ok, end of story on that part of my life.  New chapter!

I was at the shelter waiting and all of the sudden a stranger comes and takes me and my puppies and puts us in a van and takes us to a new place.  I was scared at first cause, well the kids and all, but we get to a place where the kids and I have room to run around and there is grass!  It felt like forever since I was able to feel grass!  I finally felt safe.  Well, I lived there for awhile, until the kids were able to take care of theirselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but when you have 8 of them hanging off of you. Well geesh!  My kids stayed there to be taken care of and to be put up for adoption to get their forever homes.  I am pretty proud of them so go to the Petsconnect website and look at them.  Well on to my next chapter.

I went to this new home for a job to do.  There was some puppies that needed me.  They were only a day old and their momma died.  I still had milk so I took care of them for awhile.  They were very small and it was kind of funny watching them try to nurse.  It was like climbing Mount Everest for them.  That was for about 2 weeks and I needed to get myself fit again.  I went to get spayed first and formost.  No more kids for me!  After that was done I started exercising and just plain having a good time.  Lots of playtime running around the yard with my friends.  I am really fit now and would just love to be a runway model.  Everyone says that I am wonderful.  Ok, well I am totally housetrained and get along wonderfully with other dogs and cats.  I guess I am pretty special.  Would you please sponser me so I can be a model for a day?  Just email for information on how to do it. 

                                                                                                               Thanks so much, K.D.

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