Emma Ree

05_19_2011Sebrina Tingley5452

 05_19_2011Sebrina Tingley5448  Emma Ree is one of those new fangdangled fancy breeds, otherwise known as mutts!  She is a cross between a poodle and a Maltese or a malt-o-poo.  Somehow, I don’t think she cares what she is mixed with as long as she has collected all the toys into a pile and declared them “mine” she is in her happy place!

These photos were taken right after she was groomed.  Emma does not shed and will need to be groomed on a regular basis.  She had some mats this time and was not too happy about the groomer getting them out.  In some places she was so matted she had to be cropped rather short.  Whoever adopts her really needs to keep up with the grooming.

05_04_2011Sebrina Tingley5004
Here is a pre-groom photo.  She looks like a wild child!
The red coloring around her eyes is  a poodle thing.  To keep the area clean requires periodic cleaning.  Special cleaner can be purchased that will help but there may always be some reddish residue stain.

Emma is not quite housetrained – close but sometimes she simply does not want to go outside.  She also thinks it is ok to climb up on furniture: chair, couch, bed, table.  She is very agile and can jump high.  Interestingly she hasn’t gotten into anything.
05_04_2011Sebrina Tingley5006sm She is an active girl, still a puppy.  She is also a cuddle bunny adoring a good snuggle.  She thinks my bed is her bed!  At night time she is always so disappointed to find herself sleeping in a doggy crate.  But during the early evening hours we let her lay with us while we watch TV. 

Emma adores toys!  Stuffed, plasitc, squeaky ones, non-squeaky ones…. old socks serve as toys too.  I put the toys in the laundry basket to wash, she takes them out.  If another dog tries to play with 05_19_2011Sebrina Tingley5458 them she is fine, she just waits until they, for just a moment, look away, drop the toy or loose interest and it’s back into her pile again.

05_19_2011Sebrina Tingley5447 Emma Ree is about 10 months old and it shows.  She chews everything and she has to be watched.  I assume she will outgrow this.  She is good with dogs her own size and cats.  She is not so great with dogs a lot bigger than her, like lab size.  She seems to think it’s in her best interest to jump up and bark at them or nip them.  She is not so bright with that movement!  She does stop when told too and she has adjusted to my large dog and does well most of the time but every now and then they will get into a snit over a toy or bone. 

She is loyal and loves to be by my side.
She needs work on recall: when she get’s out she doesn’t run away but neither does she come running to me every time I call either.

05_04_2011Sebrina Tingley5011 Emma is available for adoption.  If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment. Click here for adoption application

Medical: She is spayed, micro chipped, wormed, and up to date on shots. 
Microchip: Included in the adoption is the registration of the AVID micro chip in the new owner’s name.

Adoption fee: $250

Making a Difference

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