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Thank You Culvers! 0

Thank You Culvers!

    While my mom is away, I have slipped into her office and am one paw typing on her keyboard – shhh, when she catches me, she won’t be happy. But I had to...

Facebook for Furballs 0

Facebook for Furballs

Our Causes page on Facebook is growing rapidly. We’re already up to almost 200 supporters in just a few months! What’s FB Causes you ask? The social networking giant’s “Causes” applications lets you join causes...

Ralphie meets Llama 1

Ralphie meets Llama

“Beware the Llama with horns!.” – Ralphie I admit, it wasn’t the smartest move I’ve made, but there they were – these lovely creatures looking so friendly.  And the fence, well, with those holes that...