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Kaiya 0


Kaiya is a sweet and gentle 6-month old Akita.  She will be available for adoption on August 29th.  Kaiya has tons of personality and a smart, focused disposition.  She is already housetrained and  knows sit,...

The Odd Couple 1

The Odd Couple

For Kaiya, it was love at first sight.  The handsome little boy had everything she was looking for–good looks, a playful personality, and feisty strength.  It wasn’t the same for Gizmo.  He prefers the ladies...

26 Day Old Puppies!! 0

26 Day Old Puppies!!

Well, the bottle-fed pups are now 26 days old!  The best thing I could ask for has happened too – the girls are now eating softened hard puppy food!  Yay!!!  Makes my mornings go so...