Author: Sebrina

Gigantic Stones 4

Gigantic Stones

The Stones We were shocked to find out that such a small thing could have such enormous kidney stones!  Yet, Starlet, who weighs all of ten pounds, had two stones the size of quarters removed! ...

Black Cat on a White Post 0

Black Cat on a White Post

SONNY Sonny is a beautiful black cat, well, really a half grown kitten.  He came to our program with his mom and six siblings!  His mom is a beautiful spotted brown tabby.  She has been...

Spring Fling May 2009 0

Spring Fling May 2009

Foxy here.  That is me with the cute freckles on my nose.  Why does my tongue hang out?  I didn’t realize so many people would ask that question yesterday at the Spring Fling Event at...